About Paymob

Paymob provide cashless payment solutions for businesses

Paymob makes it easy for businesses to accept cashless payments quickly and securely in store, over the phone, or on the move anywhere in the world.

Our history

Founded in 2011, we specialised for 10 years as experts and providers of electronic payment services, bank processing systems, mobile devices and payment terminals. Developing innovative, market-leading products that meet all international security standards.

In 2018, having noticed a dynamic shift in consumer behaviour, seeing the rise in digital wallet payments, we decided to develop a payment gateway and accompanying digital infrastructure to enable any business to accept payments with the same accesibility and ease as their custmers were making them – thus the smartphone terminal was born.

Our mission

At Paymob we want to enable any business, both large and small to provide their own SoftPOS services, transforming ordinary smartphones into a direct card reading terminals. Whether thats embedding our technology into your existing app, or working with us to build your own paytech application for your business customers, utilising our future thinking digital ecosystem!

Our team

Kosta Du

CTO & Founder

Grigory Gurbanov

CTO & Founder

Rod P

IR Manager

Irada A

Legal Counsel


We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and use state-of-the-art technology that monitors and prevents any malicious or fraudulent behaviour. With Paymob, you can be assured your funds are in safe hands.


We are approved by Visa and MasterCard and meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for card data processing. All confidential information is protected by VeriSign Extended.


All data received and stored by Paymob via the Tap to Phone app is encrypted. In case of the loss or theft of your mobile phone, all your details and money will be completely safe. Our clients can be sure that their card details will not fall into the wrong hands.

Our mobile terminals are as secure as a classic bank terminal. For your security, each terminal has an individual key. The same account cannot be used on different phones.