Restaurants and Takeaway

Serving your customers with the easiest way to pay!

The restaurant and café sector is highly competitive. Ask any owner or manager and the key to success is customer service. The fast pace of our ever-evolving world means that demand is high for speed and ease.

Mobile Apps Software

Our revolutionary Tap to Phone technology provides your waiting and bar staff with mobile app software for their smartphones so they are instantly transformed into card readers!
Now that is smart. We are rather proud of it.

Transactions and Payment 

Tap to Phone is THE mobile app designed to help you monitor individual staff sales and targets, securely record transactions and payments on credit and debit cards, and above all offer a fast and flexible contactless payment option to your customers.
No more waiting in queues at the bar to pay or the problem of staff delaying table service for customers wishing to pay as they are waiting on another staff member to finish using the card machine.
This is fast, effective, on-the-go, and set to transform your sales and payments process!

Great Service for Businesses and Customers

Above all, happy customers. And a happy customer is returning customer, and one who recommends.
Paymob makes it easy for restaurants, pubs and cafés to accept contactless payments quickly and securely in store, over the phone, or on the move anywhere in the world through its affordable and easy-to-use Tap to Phone contactless payment app!
Tap to Phone app is also ideal for food delivery businesses or street vendors who want to be able to accept contactless card payments on the go using only their mobile phone. They may not have booked through the website, read an online menu, used a QR code. These customers are just looking for a quick service. 
Easy to install. Secure. Effective. Reliable. And very smart.

Why choose Paymob?

Paymob offers a range of Point of Sale and contactless payment services, including its ultra- smart Tap to Phone technology.
For increased efficiency our Tap to Phone technology can turn any android smartphone or tablet into a contactless payment terminal with the ability to process payments at the table as soon as a customer asks to pay their bill. You don’t need any additional hardware (which saves your staff time) and it’s much more efficient than having to enter the amount manually. At the touch of a button you can send the amount from the restaurant ordering app to the Tap to Phone app, offering a seamless experience for you and your customers. As the process is 100% automated it reduces the risk of errors, such as the wrong amount being entered.

What are the benefits to my restaurant or café?

  • Easy to register
    Quick and simple sign-up process
  • No subscription
    No monthly payments
  • One-off payment
    Purchase your Tap to Phone software from the start and it’s yours
  • Competitive transaction feer
    We offer an affordable flat-rate fee of 1.5%
  • Easy installation
    It’s a quick step upload
  • Excellent customer support
    We’re here when you need us
  • Next generation technology
    Sleek and smart

Case Study


Emilie, a French bistro owner aged 37, has been using card machines and POS till systems for some time but was looking for a streamlined solution. Her monthly subscription for the use of three machines (one in the bar and two in the restaurant) was high and there had also been some issues with interface damage and trying to replace screens without incurring high costs.

“We were really curious, perhaps also a little sceptical about the Tap to Phone app, but once we had spoken with Paymob’s customer care team it was clear this was the way forward! I purchased the app for six smart phones so our waiting staff could easily take payments around the premises. This has cut out queuing at the bar and meant that bills can be paid at the table so much quicker than when our staff had to wait a turn for the card machine. Customers are receiving a much quicker and seamless service.

Another tick for us was that by using smartphones rather than expensive card machine equipment we feel we can protect them from accidents easier as they fit into pockets. Accidents will happen, especially when you are rushed off your feet, and we have damaged several machines in the past!”

Case Study

Takeaway Business

Meet Chris. Chris, 31, runs a takeaway sandwich business and stumbled across Paymob on Google last summer when searching for a more affordable and flexible way of accepting card payments. Chris had been using a mobile card reader from a high street bank but was fed up of having to pay a monthly rental fee on top of expensive transaction costs, so when his contract ended, he decided to shop around.

I’d never heard of Tap to Phone but once I’d researched the product it ticked all the boxes. We needed something simple to use, and reliable, so that our staff could just focus on food prep, sales and delivery. It just made sense to equip our staff with the app, and helps us to not only accept payments smoothly but to track which of our staff is performing the best each month, so very useful all round.

“I’d say easily over 80% of our customers want to pay by card and it’s the ideal way for me to track my sales at the end of each night. The steep rise in takeaway demand since last spring has meant we need quick and easy processes in place for just about everything now, including payments. There’s just not enough time in a day!

“I’ve found the Tap to Phone easy to instal, easy for staff to use, and excellent for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Business is better than ever, and we are just about keeping up with demand!”