Retail Point of Sale (POS) – contactless payment systems designed to boost sales

Paymob provides powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive, Retail Point of Sale (POS) contactless payment systems, with multiple payment options. Paymob provide their contactless payment to phone technology across the UK and Europe.

As a retailer you want to ensure your customers have a positive experience when they buy from you, and one of the main sticking points for customers is the option to pay quickly and in any way that is convenient for them.

Contactless Card Payment

It has never been more important for shop owners to offer more ways for their customers to pay, so that a transaction can be made with just a tap or a swipe of a card. That’s why contactless payment systems are now increasingly popular.   
Paymob offers a retail POS system that will equip you with the best tools to manage and assess your business and ensure secure, easy and trackable transactions, keeping you and your customers happy. 
Discover our innovative Tap to Phone app – for secure and convenient contactless payments on an Adroid device. 
We guarantee that we offer the best retail POS solution for small business, and an innovative contactless payment technology to suit your service.

What is POS for retail? 

Mobile Payment. The advantages of retail POS systems include flexibility, security, versatility and a ‘can do’ approach using many devices that your customers will not fail to notice, encouraging them to return time after time.  
In a world where cash is no longer king a savvy retailer needs smarter ways of taking payments. With POS systems for retail, you also have the benefit and security of not needing to store a lot of cash in your tills.  People can pay on their smart phone or mobile. 

Our Tap to Phone app transforms almost any android smartphone into a contactless payment terminal, offering you a quick and simple way of accepting contactless debit and credit card payments.

Why choose Paymob?

Paymob can help you track your sales accurately and offer hassle-free transactions through its Tap to Phone technology.  It can even help as a managerial tool, allowing you to track employee sales performance and customer loyalty cards. Paymob provide their contactless payment to phone technology across the UK and Europe.

What are the benefits of using Paymob’s Tap to Phone app?

  • Easy to register
    Quick and simple sign-up process
  • No subscription
    No monthly payments
  • One-off payment
    Purchase your Tap to Phone software from the start and it’s yours
  • Competitive transaction feer
    We offer an affordable flat-rate fee of 1.5%
  • Easy installation
    It’s a quick step upload
  • Excellent customer support
    We’re here when you need us
  • Next generation technology
    Sleek and smart

Case Study

Mobile Phone Payments Sorted

Karl, 54, a jewellery and antiques shop owner, has run his independent premises for almost 18 years and is a regular face at his village’s antiques market. His customer database tends to be locally driven for his jewellery collections although he has a wider remit on his antiques trading. Until recently cash payments were considered the norm, particularly when buying and selling second-hand items, but times are changing and Karl was finding that his sales were being adversely affected by not offering card payments.

“I actually found out about Paymob through a friend who owns a butcher’s shop along the street, and he had been taking card payments on his mobile phone and his smartwatch device for some time.

“I was looking for something reliable and secure but that would be easy for me and my sister who works with me to understand and operate. We are not particularly techno-savvy. We just wanted a reliable service that would bank mobile payments for us!

“The one-off payment for the Tap to Phone app was a draw as I am now keen on paying monthly subscriptions, and with the help of Paymob’s customer care team – who I must say were wonderfully patient – I was able to set it up easily enough on both mine and my sister’s smartphones, and keeping track of our sales has been so much easier.

“Our customers are happy. We are finding things easier and not losing sales by limiting our payment offerings. It has been particularly helpful on the days we are out at the antiques market as less bulky than a card machine and one less thing to have to remember to pack!”