Taxis and Delivery Drivers

Smart payments delivered to you

In today’s fast-paced digital world it’s never been more important for taxis and private hire, and food and drink businesses, to offer hassle-free takeaway and delivery services which offer convenient ways to pay.

Mobile Apps Software

Customers are increasingly looking for quick and easy contactless payment options and a positive user experience. Paymob can provide an all-in-one takeaway payment system for simple and secure contactless transactions through its innovative new Tap to Phone technology.
Tap to Phone is a contactless payment app that transforms Android devices into contactless card readers.
With Paymobs’ solution you can equip your drivers with smart software for their smartphones so they can easily accept contactless card payments whenever they are on the go and without needing to carry additional equipment. And why stop there; this could be used for Rapid transit, Travel, Tourism and many other relevant industries needing contactless payments directly to their phone
Now that is smart. We are rather proud of it.

Transactions and Payment 

Tap to Phone is THE app designed to help you monitor individual driver takings and targets, securely record payments, and above all offer a fast and flexible contactless payment option to your cl;ients.
This is fast, effective, on-the-go, and set to transform your sales and payments process!
Above all, we’re loking for happy clients and a great experience that is booked though the website or on the phone (that can also recieve a digital receipt of their transaction). They mave an account with your business, so you’ll learn even more about what your customers needs and why they use you service. And a happy customer is a returning one who recommends to others. 
As well as offering more flexibility and convenience, having a contactless payment system in place can help you legitimise your business and build customer trust. And you’re also enhancing their experience of your service by providing a quick and easy way to pay rather than requiring cash.

No additional POS Terminal, No Problem. We provide Delivery Drivers a simple Secured Payment App for the phone.

For delivery or licensed taxi drivers, driving about in their cars, this is particularly handy. Cash payments are often tricky; you may run out of cash or even lose change.
Paymob’s Tap to Phone app turns almost any Android device into a contactless card reader and is a quick and easy way for drivers accept card payments on the go, reducing the amount of cash they need to carry, and of course the risk of theft and fraud.
It’s likely too that many of your competitors already have a takeaway/delivery POS system or a taxi cashless payment solution, and more and more users are paying (and expect to pay) by card or mobile. 

What are the benefits of Tap to Phone for Taxi drivers, delivery or takeaway businesses?

  • Easy to register
    Quick and simple sign-up process
  • No subscription
    No monthly payments
  • One-off payment
    Purchase your Tap to Phone software from the start and it’s yours
  • Competitive transaction feer
    We offer an affordable flat-rate fee of 1.5%
  • Easy installation
    It’s a quick step upload
  • Excellent customer support
    We’re here when you need us
  • Next generation technology
    Sleek and smart