Paymob Case Studies

Read our Paymob Case studies and examples of clients and services using Paymob

Case Study

Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile hairdresser Kate, 26, set up her own business a couple of years ago following a redundancy when the salon she had trained with when she finished college closed down. Faced with job uncertainty she took the plunge to start out for herself and slowly built her own list of regular clients.  Initially it seemed easy enough to accept cash for her services but soon some of her regular customers started to request the option to pay by credit or debit card.

“As a business owner in the beauty industry, I need the tools to take a credit card payment that is easy to access online. I need a solution that will support my business needs and the products I sell on site.”

“Having done my research there just seemed to be so many card payment providers online and it was all a bit confusing! “Then I heard about Paymob’s Tap to Phone payment app for your mobile, and this was by far the best option for me. I was worried that I’d lose the card reader and card machine and it was yet another thing to add to my mobile kit, so this made perfect sense. I am never away from my phone anyhow so taking payments on it and easily recording my sales is just what I needed.

“My life is so much easier. My regulars have stopped moaning that I am stuck in the dark ages, and my accountant is a lot happier with me; gone are the days of me dumping paper receipt books on his desk and written sales files!

“I’d say to anyone in a similar position to me and perhaps daunted by the prospect of moving from cash to card, then Tap to Phone is going to revolutionise your working days, and it’s easy to install on your smartphone!”

Case Study

Takeaway Business

Meet Chris. Chris, 31, runs a takeaway sandwich business and stumbled across Paymob on Google last summer when searching for a more affordable and flexible way of accepting card payments. Chris had been using a mobile card reader from a high street bank but was fed up of having to pay a monthly rental fee on top of expensive transaction costs, so when his contract ended, he decided to shop around.

I’d never heard of Tap to Phone but once I’d researched the product it ticked all the boxes. We needed something simple to use, and reliable, so that our staff could just focus on food prep, sales and delivery. It just made sense to equip our staff with the app, and helps us to not only accept payments smoothly but to track which of our staff is performing the best each month, so very useful all round.

“I’d say easily over 80% of our customers want to pay by card and it’s the ideal way for me to track my sales at the end of each night. The steep rise in takeaway demand since last spring has meant we need quick and easy processes in place for just about everything now, including payments. There’s just not enough time in a day!

“I’ve found the Tap to Phone easy to instal, easy for staff to use, and excellent for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Business is better than ever, and we are just about keeping up with demand!”

Case Study


Emilie, a French bistro owner aged 37, has been using card machines and POS till systems for some time but was looking for a streamlined solution. Her monthly subscription for the use of three machines (one in the bar and two in the restaurant) was high and there had also been some issues with interface damage and trying to replace screens without incurring high costs.

“We were really curious, perhaps also a little sceptical about the Tap to Phone app, but once we had spoken with Paymob’s customer care team it was clear this was the way forward! I purchased the app for six smart phones so our waiting staff could easily take payments around the premises. This has cut out queuing at the bar and meant that bills can be paid at the table so much quicker than when our staff had to wait a turn for the card machine. Customers are receiving a much quicker and seamless service.

Another tick for us was that by using smartphones rather than expensive card machine equipment we feel we can protect them from accidents easier as they fit into pockets. Accidents will happen, especially when you are rushed off your feet, and we have damaged several machines in the past!”

Case Study

Taxis and Private Hire

Taxi driver Jake, 43, has been driving his private taxi for over 15 years. City life can be full on and shifts are long and hectic. It’s rare that Jake sees a familiar face. But despite the broad range of customers who flag him down across the city there is one overriding similarity between them all: they rarely pay or want to pay in cash.

“It’s a changing world. Few of my clients want to pay cash, or even carry it on them now. It’s forced me to change how I operate my fares and made me more proactive in providing contactless payment options.

“Making the switch has made me feel safer too in some respects, although that probably comes as a surprise to people. I’ve just had a few incidents with drunk and angry customers who wanted to pay by card and couldn’t, or those who haven’t had enough cash on them to pay their fare. It makes you more cautious in your approach. “My wife and I did some research and there seemed to be many point of sale systems out there and far too many card machines to choose from! It all seemed confusing and costly, but we knew we had to do something.

“Tap to Phone popped up on reviews and we both thought this was the easiest, most stress-free way forward. Easy to download to my smartphone and I’ve been using it for a few months now without any problems.

“All my fares are recorded easily, payments are taken securely, and I don’t have to worry about paying for expensive equipment.

“For taxi drivers and anyone always on the go this has to be the best contactless payment option around.”

Case Study

Mobile Phone Payments Sorted

Karl, 54, a jewellery and antiques shop owner, has run his independent premises for almost 18 years and is a regular face at his village’s antiques market. His customer database tends to be locally driven for his jewellery collections although he has a wider remit on his antiques trading. Until recently cash payments were considered the norm, particularly when buying and selling second-hand items, but times are changing and Karl was finding that his sales were being adversely affected by not offering card payments.

“I actually found out about Paymob through a friend who owns a butcher’s shop along the street, and he had been taking card payments on his mobile phone and his smartwatch device for some time.

“I was looking for something reliable and secure but that would be easy for me and my sister who works with me to understand and operate. We are not particularly techno-savvy. We just wanted a reliable service that would bank mobile payments for us!

“The one-off payment for the Tap to Phone app was a draw as I am now keen on paying monthly subscriptions, and with the help of Paymob’s customer care team – who I must say were wonderfully patient – I was able to set it up easily enough on both mine and my sister’s smartphones, and keeping track of our sales has been so much easier.

“Our customers are happy. We are finding things easier and not losing sales by limiting our payment offerings. It has been particularly helpful on the days we are out at the antiques market as less bulky than a card machine and one less thing to have to remember to pack!”

Case Study

Small Business

Erin, 51, a cake shop owner, has been baking most of her adult life, and once her children had left for university, she and her husband Alan decided to bring her dreams alive with official certification and her very own premises. Initially it was easy enough to operate a small till, keep paper receipts and work in cash transactions. However, increasing demand for cakes and house deliveries for bespoke and special event commissions meant that they needed to smarten up their sales tracking and offer multiple payment options like credit or debit card that were affordable to the business.

“We hadn’t heard of Paymob but I had read a piece online about its Tap to Phone smartphone app and we thought it might be useful for us before we committed to investing in multiple contactless card machines and till registers. Neither of us is particularly technical or computer-savvy at the best of times! I didnt know much about my merchant account, Google Pay,