Mobile Hairdresser

April 2, 2021

Mobile hairdresser Kate, 26, set up her own business a couple of years ago following a redundancy when the salon she had trained with when she finished college closed down. Faced with job uncertainty she took the plunge to start out for herself and slowly built her own list of regular clients.  Initially it seemed easy enough to accept cash for her services but soon some of her regular customers started to request the option to pay by credit or debit card.

“As a business owner in the beauty industry, I need the tools to take a credit card payment that is easy to access online. I need a solution that will support my business needs and the products I sell on site.”

“Having done my research there just seemed to be so many card payment providers online and it was all a bit confusing! “Then I heard about Paymob’s Tap to Phone payment app for your mobile, and this was by far the best option for me. I was worried that I’d lose the card reader and card machine and it was yet another thing to add to my mobile kit, so this made perfect sense. I am never away from my phone anyhow so taking payments on it and easily recording my sales is just what I needed.

“My life is so much easier. My regulars have stopped moaning that I am stuck in the dark ages, and my accountant is a lot happier with me; gone are the days of me dumping paper receipt books on his desk and written sales files!

“I’d say to anyone in a similar position to me and perhaps daunted by the prospect of moving from cash to card, then Tap to Phone is going to revolutionise your working days, and it’s easy to install on your smartphone!”