April 2, 2021

Emilie, a French bistro owner aged 37, has been using card machines and POS till systems for some time but was looking for a streamlined solution. Her monthly subscription for the use of three machines (one in the bar and two in the restaurant) was high and there had also been some issues with interface damage and trying to replace screens without incurring high costs.

“We were really curious, perhaps also a little sceptical about the Tap to Phone app, but once we had spoken with Paymob’s customer care team it was clear this was the way forward! I purchased the app for six smart phones so our waiting staff could easily take payments around the premises. This has cut out queuing at the bar and meant that bills can be paid at the table so much quicker than when our staff had to wait a turn for the card machine. Customers are receiving a much quicker and seamless service.

Another tick for us was that by using smartphones rather than expensive card machine equipment we feel we can protect them from accidents easier as they fit into pockets. Accidents will happen, especially when you are rushed off your feet, and we have damaged several machines in the past!”