Small Business

April 1, 2021

Erin, 51, a cake shop owner, has been baking most of her adult life, and once her children had left for university, she and her husband Alan decided to bring her dreams alive with official certification and her very own premises. Initially it was easy enough to operate a small till, keep paper receipts and work in cash transactions. However, increasing demand for cakes and house deliveries for bespoke and special event commissions meant that they needed to smarten up their sales tracking and offer multiple payment options like credit or debit card that were affordable to the business.

“We hadn’t heard of Paymob but I had read a piece online about its Tap to Phone smartphone app and we thought it might be useful for us before we committed to investing in multiple contactless card machines and till registers. Neither of us is particularly technical or computer-savvy at the best of times! I didnt know much about my merchant account, Google Pay,