Takeaway Business

April 2, 2021

Meet Chris. Chris, 31, runs a takeaway sandwich business and stumbled across Paymob on Google last summer when searching for a more affordable and flexible way of accepting card payments. Chris had been using a mobile card reader from a high street bank but was fed up of having to pay a monthly rental fee on top of expensive transaction costs, so when his contract ended, he decided to shop around.

I’d never heard of Tap to Phone but once I’d researched the product it ticked all the boxes. We needed something simple to use, and reliable, so that our staff could just focus on food prep, sales and delivery. It just made sense to equip our staff with the app, and helps us to not only accept payments smoothly but to track which of our staff is performing the best each month, so very useful all round.

“I’d say easily over 80% of our customers want to pay by card and it’s the ideal way for me to track my sales at the end of each night. The steep rise in takeaway demand since last spring has meant we need quick and easy processes in place for just about everything now, including payments. There’s just not enough time in a day!

“I’ve found the Tap to Phone easy to instal, easy for staff to use, and excellent for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Business is better than ever, and we are just about keeping up with demand!”