Mobile banking

The easiest and most secure access to your accounts and cards. At any time, you can make a transfer to a loved one, check how much money is left, or top up your mobile account.

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Install the application on your smartphone


  • Payments
  • Public functions
  • Personal cabinet
  • Bill payments
  • Transfers
  • Bank deals

Full and customized interface

  • Complete function set for major mobile platforms

  • Peculiarities not present in other solutions

  • Possibility to apply your own design

  • An open API for integration with other channels

  • Easy integration with your existing internet banking and automated banking system


How we differ?

  • Phone application as an option for multichannel service

  • Cross-platform portability

  • Unique technologies helping you to stay ahead of competitors

  • Specially designed for mobile applications

  • System meets all security requirements

Key features

  • Supports major mobile platforms: iPhone, Android

  • Supports public functions to attract potential banking customers

  • Screen optimized representation of banking services increses the loyalty of existing customers

  • Supports all phone features: camera, accelerometer, push, etc.



  • Main screen is set by bank

  • Operational and business process configuration

  • Support for additional inspections by OTP

  • Support for Push technology


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