Convert Your Smartphone Into A POS Device: Paymob

Kosta Du
April 5, 2021

Paymob has launched it’s brand new and soft POS solution, that can operate on any single tool smartphone Android One. Paymob has been successful at turning a physical device into a smartphone application. The application can be used to accept different contactless payments like card transactions. This feat was achieved by turning an MVC model and reverting it, so that not only does it pay by phone buy it also accepts payments by phone.

How To Use

You can simply log in to your account by filling in the cashier credentials. The application has a password for your safety.

By tapping the card, inserting the amount and card pin the transaction can easily be completed.

The application collects GPS coordinates of the place where the payment was processed, making it an exceptional solution for those in the combustion or transportation industry. If you have this soft POS, the customers can simply tap the card and use public transport.

Similarly, retailers would greatly benefit from this technology. If every staff member in a retail business has this application installed on their mobile, they can immediately process the payment and sell products. No need for customers to stand in front of the cashier line and wait for their turn.

You can also print physical paper receipts if you connect your smartphone to a printer.


● The interface and the back-end of the app has a virtual terminal management system. Paymob has an admin panel to manage merchants.

● The merchant portal or the merchant dashboard keeps a track of all the transactions made and can be reviewed anytime by the merchant.

● Moreover, from the list of transactions, you can select a transaction and view all its details including the GPS location. You can also make payment refunds by selecting the ‘Perform a refund’ option.

Progress Of The Technology

This solution has been approved by the ‘Visa Ready Program For mPOS’ and Mastercard ‘Tap On Phone Pilot’. It is also PCI DSS compliant certified.

Currently, the company is performing level 1 functional and level 2 security certification to become fully compliant to launch Visa and Mastercard programs. As of now, it is impossible to accept payments beyond the CVM limit. For example, a limit of 30 pounds in the UK, 50 Euros in Europe, and 50 American dollars in the US has been set for CVM payments.

However, with this technology, you can accept payment in thousands, using your phone.

Future Prospects

Paymob’s aim is to launch this technology in the UK market, our office is based in London. We are also offering this solution under a white label and provide an in-house proprietary developed application. We are also planning to build an SDK at a later stage.

Our goal is to empower banks around the world to use this feature in their business mobile application to enable their customers to accept contactless payments with their phones. We are already in conversation with our partners in the Middle East, Europe, the UK, and Africa. We believe that the people of Sierra Leon will definitely benefit from this effective payment method, considering that many foreigners wish to pay by cards but are unable to do so due to the unavailability of physical devices as they are expensive.