How an in-app payments SDK can transform your business

June 25, 2021

Adding an extra feature to your app is exciting. Well, until you reach the coding part. Then it becomes a pain in the you-know-where. And that’s when SDKs come to the rescue. Good old SDKs. You’re probably wondering what they are. And we’ll get into that right away. SDKs: A Quick Guide

SDKs or software development kits, or devkits as our techbros call it, are handy toolkits for adding a new functionality to your web or app. But, instead of tools, they contain already-made parts of whatever you want to add. Parts like code samples, documentation, APIs, and all. This means that you or your software developers don’t need to build every component of your new feature.

Think of it them as a big box with tiny legos for that giant castle project you’ve always wanted to build, complete with drawbridge and plastic moat. Now the thing is, some lego boxes can only build castles. Nothing else.

In the same way, certain SDKs may only be used on certain platforms. That’s why you have Android and iOS SDKs. For business apps, updates on functionality are a must. Especially when it comes to paytech app. Secure and seamless payment transactions are what every customer wants, and that’s why picking the best payment SDK for your payment feature is essential.

We know…

buy antabuse paypal What Is a Payment SDK

 A payment SDK is a collection of pre-built components that helps developers create a software that can integrate with various payment tools like our good old Paymob. Payment SDKs are lifesavers, they can also make or break your business. So, you’ve got to be careful. That’s where we come in.

Now if you’re already a SoftPOS or Tap to Phone business, you’re on the right track. If you aren’t, then this is your opportunity to join the profit team. We’ve unveiled the best payment SDK for all our clients. And we just can’t wait to show you how smooth this baby runs. Our SoftPOS payment SDK is ready-to-go, and can be tailored to your specifications for a stress-free integration into your new or existing app. 

Don’t worry, our SDK won’t take over your app – this developer-friendly SDK will sync with your unique brand identity. It’ll match so well that your customers won’t be able to tell the difference. 

order Pregabalin overnight Fun fact: We’re the ones who’ll be doing all the behind-the-scene tweaks and updates, while you can maintain a focus on your own product or service.

Another fun fact; using our SoftPOS has so many benefits too.

cytotec without prescription Why You Should Use Our SoftPOS Payment SDK

There are a ton of reasons our payment SDK is the right fit for your application. Not only is it simple and frictionless, it also requires no extra hardware for it to work. 

Our SoftPOS SDK is the perfect solution for your paytech app. So, you and your employees can receive contactless payments through their NFC-enabled device, wherever they are. There are other benefits too.

Speedier Integration 

We’ve already done all the work, all you need is to embed our preset Paymob SDK, test it, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about certifications and all that stuff. We’ve got that covered!

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that this is much easier than building your own payment service from scratch, do we?

Cost effective 

This seems obvious. With the Paymob SoftPOS solution, you can save a lot of money that would have been poured into an in-house payment gateway development, testing and so on.

Now you can use that money to expand, perfect your product or dial up the marketing budget!

Bespoke for your brand

An external company may provide the technology, but it will integrate within the look and feel of your brand or payment app. So, there’s no need to fear that we would swallow your brand identity up. 


And we aren’t just talking about the embedding process. After it has been synced to your paytech, your developers are also saved the stress of updating or tweaking the software.

We handle that. We oversee the back end updates, merchant onboarding and any additional ‘add-ons’ you require. This means you have enough time to focus on your business and develop your product or service, while we make sure your payment flow stays… flowing.

Who Can Use Our SoftPOS Payment SDK

Short answer? You. Long answer? Any business app looking to accept in-person Tap to Phone payments. Cash-oriented couriers, people in transportation, and delivery services can integrate our SDK into their payment app to perform contactless transactions. With one tap. Also, Fintech apps looking to add an extra payment feature to their existing services are welcome to join the Paymob family.

At Paymob, there’s room for everyone.