News about Paymob Tech

Kosta Du
April 5, 2021

As promised to keep you in the loop in regards to the Soft POS (Tap-on-Phone) solution we’re developing dropping you a quick line.

We’ve got updated, the report about our Soft POS solution has been submitted to VISA and Mastercard by Riscure lab recently. Now as a member at payment systems you may get in touch with your manager to confirm that we (registered as ‘Center of Corporate Technologies LLC’) is an approved vendor for ‘Tap-on-Phone’ (Soft POS) solution. Meaning we’re ready to integrate the tech with an acquirer and launch pilots. The next step should be developing an integration with the acquirer, perform MTIP tests and go to the market.

We have added more use cases here Feel free to check them out. Yesterday we launched the Soft POS solution for two banks. It’s done. Both are life now.

If you’d consider getting the technology for yourself or any customer/partner of your Paymob team happy to talk and help.