Tap-and-Pay Solutions For Business: Convenient & Affordable

Kosta Du
April 5, 2021

The Tap-and-Pay solutions, also known as the Soft PoS systems nowadays are becoming the backbone of businesses. PoS, also called as the point-of-sale system is the appropriate software and hardware combination to help out the customers in issuing the payment for purchases of goods and services made by them from a company.

What exactly Tap-and-Pay or Soft PoS is?

Tap-and-Pay or SoftPos android solution is a certified, safe, and sound technology for accepting contactless payments on smartphones and tablets. Now, you can make all payments smoothly at point-of-sale just with your android phone. All it is needed by the merchant to accept quick payments in real-time is a commercial store-bought smartphone or tablet running Android 8.0 or higher with a SIM card, uninterrupted Internet access, and NFC module.

Today, wherever people do shopping, they demand the utility of being able to make convenient digital payments with their cards. But, some situations still arise when people can’t make use of a card such as if you are a micro-business and you don’t have the infrastructure (card reader machine, etc)  to accept cards, or you have a retail showroom and don’t have a frontline employee on the floor, there’s a significant need for a simpler and easy-to-access solution.

Tap-and-Pay without the need of procuring any additional hardware facilitates sellers with the ease of utilizing Android smartphones to accept payments. Just you need to download an app. Moreover, it is secured with a PIN, to which only the seller or payment receiver has authorized access.

The needs of small businesses are also addressed by this solution, especially during the current challenging times of COVID-19.

You can install and use such quick payment solutions on the BlackBerry or iPhone devices. However, such devices are subject to affordability. But much to your surprise, you can use such soft PoS solutions on affordable devices too! Let’s dig deeper.

Usability on Affordable Devices — A Major Advantage

Most of the small and micro-sellers have one to three employees or some even don’t have a registered business. Typically small-level professionals like barbers, plumbers, Carpenters, beauticians, street food stalls, food trucks, and other self-employed and small services providers don’t earn big money, hence don’t have a sophisticated PoS system and hardware installation. Also, small traders, micropreneurs, or solopreneurs who don’t want to carry an additional device for the payment transaction. SoftPoS is an innovative solution suitable for their needs-

Cost-effective to deploy

Easy to effectuate

Convenient on your smartphone

Trending Soft PoS apps are available as a white label solution for all the sellers. They easily run on affordable smartphone devices too, that you may already be using as your personal device. For instance, Consider an affordable smartphone from Chinese brand Xiaomi, that costs even less than 200 U.S. dollars to you. You can use such devices too for accepting payments, by just installing an appropriate app such as Paymob, Red-E-Pay, Google pay, etc. as per choice.

Hence, Using the latest generation affordable smartphone devices, small sellers everywhere will be enabled to accept contactless payments just by deploying a SoftPos application. Easy and convenient!!