The New SUNMI P2 PRO Is Now Available For Sale In The UK!

Kosta Du
April 5, 2021

The Point-Of-Sale device enables businesses to collect cashless payments from their customers. Over the past decade, POS terminals have gained popularity amongst businesses due to the convenience that they offer. If you’re looking for a POS terminal device to offer contactless payments to your customers, the SUNMI P2 PRO could be your best bet!

The SUNMI P2 PRO is an all-screen mobile POS device and the latest product by Paymob. It comes with an integrated magnetic card swipe strip, a Seiko printer, and a 1D barcode scanner. To ensure the convenience of your customers, the SUNMI P2 PRO offers multiple ways of processing payments including card, mobile, barcode, NFC, and IC card payments.

Coming across network issues right between a payment can be frustrating for both the buyer and the seller. Keeping this into consideration the SUNMI P2 PRO has an eSim along with Dual Wi-Fi and 4G Full Netcom. The device also comes with a Seiko printer to print receipts of the payment after the transaction is complete.

Paymob has integrated a 5.0 MP camera that is essential for the safety of business organizations. This security camera records footage being scanned to initiate transactions. Moreover, to examine the product’s reliability we have conducted multiple drop tests and concluded that the structural design of the product will hold firm, even if you drop it by mistake.

There are very few devices in the market like the SUNMI P2 PRO that provide so many features in one device. As one of the most advanced POS terminal devices by Paymob, the launch of the product has been much awaited by the corporate sector.

From 1st July 2020, Paymob will make the SUNMI P 2 PRO available for purchase in the UK market. Paymob is an Electronic Payment Enabler that offers integrated features that promote financial inclusion. The company is known for its hi-tech solutions.