Who partners with Paymob?

Our SoftPOS payment infrastructure is available to fintechs, large enterprise and commerce solution vendors across Europe, North America and Asia, enabling likeminded allies to provide their own Tap-to-Phone services.

Commerce solution vendors

Enable payment acceptance for commerce solutions

We uplift commerce solution vendors to provide their business customers the option to accept contactless payments directly on their NFC enabled devices. Our personalised payment functionality can be easily integrated into existing applications for restaurants, bars, taxis and tourism services. Utalise Paymob’s plug-in-and-go technology or work with us to develop your own bespoke offering.

Channel partnerships

Expand your existing fintech offering

Whether you’re an existing fintech looking to expand your financial offering, or a new provider in need of a pay-tech infrastructure, Paymob hold the keys to friction-free payments without the additional hardware. Our services are available as a white label bespoke app behind the face of your own unique branding, an SDK for seamless integration within your existing application, or developer friendly API for instant app-to-app callback.

Large enterprise

Embed our SoftPOS infrastructure into your existing application

Take your business to the next level, and open the door to an additional revenue stream for frontline payment acceptance. Embed our API and SDK architecture into your existing app to allow your employees to accept payments via their NFC technology on the go, anywhere in the world.