Tap on Phone
Smartphones can act as a contactless POS terminal for merchants, without the need for additional hardware
Whether consumers use a contactless card, smartphone, or wearable device, “Tap on Phone” Soft POS provides merchants the flexibility of mobile contactless payment acceptance.
Accept payments
as easy as 1-2-3
Merchant asks to make a contactless with a: Contactless credit, debit, or prepaid chip card with the Contactless Indicator icon. Smartphone orwearable device with NFC mobile payment capability enabled
Tap the card, smartphone or wearable device to the NFC reader's field of the mPOS device.
When payment is authorised, the payment sensory animation, sounds and haptic are played.
Examples of Common Contactless Payment Points
As the use of contactless and alternative payments is growing, in the future it will be possible for certain groups of merchants to refuse completely from the terminals of individual mobile devices and assign functions to read contactless cards to mobile devices.
Smart­phone as a POS
Public Transport
How does transaction flow fork?
Interoperable Acceptance via Terminals- Mobile phone will send he transaction to acquirer's back-end which in turn route the transaction to the network based on the card.
Tap on Phone - Soft POS Demo video by Paymob

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Why TAP on Phone?

Tap on Phone is quick, simple and secure. It’s an ideal payment method for customers when they need to pay and go. As a merchant, you can transform any enabled mobile device into a payment terminal.

How do I know if a customer can pay via Tap on Phone?

Plastic Card: Look for the contactless indicator on the card – it’s usually on the front but on the back. If you do not see the waves, the card won’t be able to tap.

Device: If the customer has a mobile wallet can Tap & Go® if they have before activated their card into their mobile wallet. Only the customer will know if they’ve done this.

Where does the customer tap?

The customer should take out their NFC card or enabled device, identify the NFC antenna and hold it in proximity until the payment has accepted. If available, a sticker can help say where the NFC antenna located.

Are Tap on Phone payments secure?

Tap on Phone payments use the same security technology offered as EMV chip cards that deployed throughout the world.

How do you know if a transaction is successful?

Once the payment card/device read, a beep should heard. Solutions Checkout Sound and Animation will play a unique set of notes used to signal the approval of a payment transaction.

What if the transaction does not process?

Make sure your device has a data connection available/active, check that the mobile device cover removed and retry tapping.


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