Cloud Fiscal System

System Core 1

  • Customer, point, user, and cash register management module
  • Module for managing personal customer accounts
  • Tariff management module

  • Module for managing personal customer accounts
  • Tax service queue monitoring module
  • Manuals

System Core 2

  • Managing legal entities
  • Managing users and roles
  • Fiscal document review module

  • Making requests for Connecting cash registers
  • Managing cash registers
  • Reports

Cash register
server node

  • API registration of fiscal documents
  • API reception of operation queue status
  • API receipt reception and verification
  • API registration of new cash registers
  • API closing of the fiscal memory device

The key user of the system is the owner who has a certain number of legal entities, e.g. companies, and a certain number of users with distributed roles. Connecting customers to the system requires a conclusion of an agreement performed by filling out the agreement details in the admin dashboard. Once the agreement is created, it is possible to set up cash registers in the system. The system can determine a cash register upon the first request and fill out the details without user participation. Some cash register details, such as the serial number, the number of the fiscal memory device, and the enterprise number of the register can also be added manually. Each cash register is first linked to the point specified in the system.