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PayMob Tap on Phone
solution description

In general, the working scheme
is as follows:

Merchant receives authorization data in the bank registration;

Downloads from the Market app on
your mobile phone, activation
takes place;

If necessary, make a payment, merchant
indicates the cost of services (goods)
or forms the sum of the basket of
goods and selects the method
of payment;

If you select a contactless payment
using NFC the user simply puts the
card or device equipped with
NFC — chip to the seller device, and
the data are sent to the processing;

Merchant payment application,
constantly exchanging data with
preprocessing receives payment
status, and the data recorded on
PayMob service;

Further information on this
transaction merchant can view In their
personal study.

Below is a scheme of work and
collaboration services and applications
in the implementation of payment via
a contactless interface

Contactless transactions

scheme requirements

Mastercard, «Tap on Phone Pilot
Approval», version 1.0, May 2018;
VISA, «Visa Ready program for
mPOS», Version 1.1, October 2018.
Mastercard DigiSec Lab,
«Embedded Contactless Secure
Reading for MPOS Pilots
Programs — Draft Security
Principles, version 1.0.5».
Updated document contains
additional requirements on
PIN Processing
As per today — no possibility to
accept SoftPOS payment
acceptance with PIN entry.
The application interface for
contactless payment in a mobile
With the help of the above solutions,
the bank’s partners (merchants of)
will be able to accept contactless
payments via the built-in
Android-phone NFC-antenna.
Since the current share of contactless
and alternative payments is growing,
in the future it will be possible for
certain groups of merchants to refuse
completely from the terminals of
individual mobile devices and assign
functions to read contactless cards
to mobile devices.
All statistics on executed operations
is available in the private office of the
outlet. Personal Area consists of a set
of widgets, with detail of interest and
to build the required metrics reports.
Similar statistics provided in the
context of the whole entire system.
The system has a built-in technical
monitoring terminal unit. With the
help of this module, the owner of the
system has the ability to monitor and
manage the entire fleet of devices.
For clarity, provides the tools to
display analytics in the form of

Hardware requirements

Figure component solutions, which
can be placed on a virtualized
infrastructure shown below.

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